Sit Snacks, Bulk


Buy in bulk!  The packaging might not be as fancy, but buying our treats in bulk will save you some money in product and on shipping!  You get the same great treats, but you get to pick the amount you want us to send you! 

Mix and match flavors, try new varieties, build your order to suit your dog's needs!

Sit Snacks come in a variety of flavors:

  • Peanut Mutt-er
  • Sweet Pup-tato
  • Banana Mutt
  • Pup-kin Ginger

$1.00 for every 1.85 ounces of Sit Snacks!

How to order bulk treats:

  • Select the flavor you would like and add it to your cart
  • Adjust the quantity of the item to reflect how many servings you would like to order!


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