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My Experience on the 7 Day "GM Wonder Diet"

Posted by Mimi's Garden, Inc. on August 5, 2016 at 5:05 PM

So a friend talked me into doing the 7 Day "GM Wonder Diet", and I've decided to share my experience and results.  This diet plan is all over the internet, but after much digging I discovered a few things.  Many sources say this "diet" was created by General Motors for use by it's employees, was developed with the assistance of the FDA and USDA, and was tested at Johns Hopkins.  I couldn't find any information to support those claims... but the internet would never lie to me!!  I dug a little deeper and found so many variations, and "rules", I didn't know who to believe, or what the original diet peramiters consisted of.  We just went with the first one we found.  The basic guidlines all seemed to be very similar so we had a little wiggle room.

I'm not a fan of "diets".  I lost 40 pounds using portion control, dietary change, and exercise.  After 10 years of sticking to those lifestyle changes I have kept that weight off, more or less.  I've always had a couple pounds left to lose that I was saving for a rainy day, so why not see if this miracle diet would work for me!  Looking into it you realize it is more of a 7 day cleanse than an actual diet.  It is not intended to be followed for long periods of time.  The plan promotes whole, unprocessed foods, limited dairy, meat, and grains.  Lots of fiber and water in the plan to help you shed fat and purge toxins.  It didn't look harmful in any way so I decided that I'd give it a try.  (Keep in mind I'm no doctor or nutritionist, follow the plan at your own risk)

My friend and I compared side effects and progress along the way.  I insisted on regular weigh-ins to ensure we were shedding fat and not muscle.  I'm going to share all of the fun details with you here, and tips if you are wanting to try this on your own.  It really helped to have someone to compare notes with through the week.  We had very similar side effects, but at different stages of the plan.  He cheated more than I did, but we both had noticeable results.  

First I will outline the plan for you:

Beverages- No alcohol.  At least 10 cups of water per day, you may add lemon for flavor. Club soda. Coffee and tea, no sweeteners.

Day 1- All fruits except for bananas.  It is suggested that you consume mostly melons for better results.  Watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, etc. No limit, eat as much as you can.

Day 2- All vegetables.  You are encouraged to start your day with one baked potato (optional pat of butter), then consume raw and/or cooked vegetables throughout the day.  This is the only day a potato is allowed. Only limit is on the potato, all other veggies are unlimited.

Day 3- Mix of fruit and vegetables (no banana or potato), cooked or raw.  No limit, eat your heart out!

Day 4- Banana, milk, and soup day.  You may eat as many as 8 bananas, 3 glasses of milk, and unlimited amounts of the "Wonder Soup" (recipe to follow) 

Day 5- Beef and tomato day.  It is suggested you eat 2-10 ounce potions of beef, and no less than 6 tomatoes.  You should increase your water consumption today by at least a quart to help flush the uric acid your body will produce.

Day 6- Beef and vegetables. Unlimited beef and vegetables (no potato)

Day 7- Brown rice, vegetables, and fruit juice.  Unlimited amounts.

Wonder Soup Recipe

28 oz water, 1 large onion, 1 green pepper, tomatoes (fresh or canned), 1/4 head cabbage, 1/4 bunch celery, 1 envelope Lipton Onion Soup mix.  You are allowed to swap out vegetables in this recipe.  Each recipe for this soup online was different, this is just the recipe I used.  Next time I would swap carrots for green peppers, personally.  Also, I added a dash of cayenne and the added spice was nice!

So this was the plan I was given, with nobody to answer any questions if I had them... and boy, did I have them!  Together my friend and I made up our own rules to fill in the blanks.  I'll break it down by male and female for you when highlighting how we actually followed the plan, and give you tips we wish we would have thought of along the way, or maybe picked up too late in the game.

Tips before starting the plan:

- Get all your shopping done before you start!  Nothing was worse then having to hit the grocery store and be surrounded by all those sugary temptations just to get a friggin' onion!  Try to plan your meals in advance so you will know what to buy, and give everything a chance to ripen (the rock-hard canteloupe my friend picked up almost ended the diet for me on day one).  Added tip, stock up on toilet paper!  We're all adults here so I'll just say it... there will be lots of pee and poop!

- Choose your start day-of-the-week wisely.  My day one was on a Friday and day two I was tempted with beer, wine, and S'mores!  That was rough!  I stood strong, my friend did not and cheated with some pretzels and hummus.

- Fat stores are packed with toxins.  Shedding high amounts of fat quickly will have  some very strange side effects on the body, so be prepared!  I'll be sure to outline all of the side effects we had so you will know what to expect. Everyone is different, however, so you may experience other symptoms.

- Plan on exercising.  It's not really mentioned in the plan, but it is a very important step!  I chose a moderate route walking up to 3 miles each day.  I broke it up into two sessions.  Exercise actually helped to alleviate some of the detox symptoms.  My friend took a more aggressive approach and worked out intensley 6 out of the 7 days.  We had similar results (considering ourbody masses), so I can't really tell you which approach is best.

- Pack a toothbrush.  For the first 4 days you aren't really eating anything that will help keep your teeth clean.  My friend and I both experienced "furry" teeth on those days.  Be prepared in case this happens to you. Sugary gums and breath mints aren't in the plan!

- Prep yourself mentally.  It's a pretty intense plan, be ready for it.  Know that you are releasing toxins into your system, expect discomfort.  It's only 7 days though, an excellent test of will power.  Maybe bring a friend on board to commiserate with... it really helped me!

Now I'll tell you how I followed the plan:

Day 1- Fruit day.  I tried to stick to melons only, but ended up adding blueberries and grapes for variety.  This was my hardest day.  I'm a veggie eater and I don't get a ton of fruit in my diet so the natural sugars had some intense effects on me.  I was eating a whole lot of fruit throughout the day.  I felt like I kept having sugar crashes and the only thing to perk me back up was more sugar.  Headache kicked in around 3 p.m. and was a full blown migraine by evening.  I also felt a change in my vision, almost as if my periferral was fuzzy.  This day sucked for me.  I almost threw in the towel!  But I knew vegetable day would be easier for me, and wasn't about to quit after putting myself through such torture.  After surviving fruit day I was making it to the end!  

Day 2- Vegetable day.  That potato in the morning was glorious!  I found that I started using the word glorious a lot to describe certain foods from this point on in the diet.  This day is so much more flexible when it comes to food prep, as you can eat your veggies cooked or raw.  The diet didn't call for it, but I sauteed my veggies in coconut oil when cooked.  I was allowed to use spices, but I never added any salt.  You don't want to add anything that might make you retain water when you are trying to flush out your system... kind of defeats the purpose.  Garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, lemon pepper... I made veggie chilis with cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, pepper, cayenne... you can get creative!  

* There are different opinions when it comes to what qualifies as a fruit, and what qualifies as a vegetable.  We went the dietary route and not the scientific route (i.e. a tomato is considered a vegetable in the kitchen, but is technically a fruit)

Day 3- Fruit and vegetable day.  No potato, no banana, but everything else works.  I made a big batch of veggie chili and at it throughout the day, and fresh fruit in between meals.  

Day 4- Bananas, milk, and soup day.  I called this "Day Four-ium" because you get your potassium, calcium, and sodium fix today.  I woke up feeling slim!  I could see a difference in the mirror, it was great!  I was worried about the diet plan though, as 1 banana is usually my limit.  I used almond milk, I'm not a big dairy milk fan.  I ended the day at 7 bananas, and only 2 cups of milk, and I ate 3/4 of my batch of soup.  I was painfully bloated today!  Not gassy, just bloated.  My friend had about 10 bananas, 5 cups of milk, and only 1/4 of the soup.  He wasn't bloated, but his system is used to more bananas than mine.  Both of us were craving burgers today, but I'm guessing it's because meat was on the menu for tomorrow.  I felt great today until the bloat set in, then I felt very discouraged.

Day 5- Beef and tomato day.  I didn't eat all 20 ounces, but I had all 6 tomatoes.  I also polished off my soup today.  I made a couple small steaks for breakfast, but would highly suggest sticking with ground beef.  I picked up a very lean 97/3 ground beef chub and made a chili for dinner with ground beef and tomato.  We both pointed out how much chewing was involved today!  Holy chewing!  The ground beef was a bit easier, so I would suggest skipping the steak.  I couldn't eat anymore beef because I physically couldn't chew anymore (I'm typing this on day 8 and my jaw is still sore).  I would just make a big batch of chili to eat throughout the day, and I would definitely add more soup to the day.  Drink lots and lots of water today. 

Day 6- Beef and vegetables.  I made I big batch of chili today!  Beef (which I couldn't stand to even look at) and tons of vegetables.  This was an excellent meal throughout the day.  I should have made another batch of soup because that would have been good today too.  Only one more day to go and my friend and I were soooooo ready to be done with this plan.

Day 7- Brown rice, vegetables, and fruit juice.  I was so happy to be done with beef.  Brown rice and vegetables are so much easier to chew! My friend didn't have the same jaw pain, but thoroughly made fun of me for mine.  I made a couple of stir fries using different vegetables and spices for variety.  My friend was in need of variety of flavor at this point, but I was fine with the repetition because I knew it would all be over soon!  I did use a tiny bit of soy sauce in one of my stir fries today because I just couldn't care less at this point.  If you're buying your fruit juice instead of making it yourself, please be sure to read the label to ensure that real whole fruit juice is what you're buying.  Nothing else added (except water maybe).  No "from concentrate", or sugar added.

That's it.  We survived.  The results were in...

Me, female, 7 pounds total weight loss, 2% body fat loss, 1% muscle mass gained

My friend, male, 10 pounds total weight loss, 3% body fat loss, 2% muscle mass gained

Here are some of the side effects we each experienced:

- Cold, chills.  Even though it was 90 degrees out I didn't feel hot.  In a 72 degree house I was cold.  I looked it up online and it said that burning high amounts of fat can raise your body temperature.  I don't know if that is true... but I was cold, so you explain it!

- Muscle pain.  I experienced some aching in my back throughout the diet, and pain in my left shoulder on day 5.

- Angry day (at least that's what we named it).  We each had one day where we were on edge and ready to lash out.  For my friend this was day 5, day 6 for me.  Luckily mine came after his so I recognized it right away and tried to keep myself from lashing out.  You didn't want to cross my path that day!

- Fuzzy vision.  We each experienced this on day one.  Mine was worse and lasted throughout the day, his came at the end of the day.  I didn't have any additional issues with my vision during the cleanse.

- Fuzzy teeth.  I explained it earlier, but for the first 4 days we both had fuzzy growing on our teeth.

- Headaches.  We each had headaches throughout the 7 days.  The worst day for me was on day 1 when I hit full blown migraine status.  I didn't take any pills for the headaches, just upped my water intake.  

- Bloating.  I had this really bad on day 4.  My friend didn't complain of any bloating.

- Jaw pain.  I had jaw pain after day 6 and 7, which I attribute to chewing on all that red meat on days 5 and 6.  My friend didn't have this.

- Exhaustion.  For the majority of the cleanse I felt fine and had a ton of energy.  For some reason towards the end of day 5 I had complete exhaustion.  You could see it in my face and hear it in my voice.  A long nights sleep really helped with this.

- Joint popping.  My joints started cracking, it was weird!  I would turn my head and my neck would crack.  Not painful at all, just weird.  My friend didn't have this.

- Toxin flushing.  Let's face it, you're opening up Pandora's Box here, and you are asking a lot of you filtering organs like your kidneys, liver, and skin.  You will sweat, you will pee, and you will poop... a lot!  You will find, however, that your sweat doesn't stink, your pee is clear, and anything coming out of your butt doesn't smell quite as bad as it used to (maybe, I don't know you).  Expect to be in the bathroom a lot.  The exodus doesn't end at day 7 either, especially if you have a "log jam" along the way.

So this is my experience on th "GM Wonder Diet", whatever its orgins may be.  We shall see if the weight stays off, but I'm certainly not craving all the junk I had before.  I look better, feel better, am sleeping better.  It was a rough 7 days, and it took a lot of will power, but I don't regret doing it.  Do the research yourself and decide if you want to try the plan.  Hopefully some of these notes will help you out if you do try it!

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