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Benefits of Bird Houses

Posted by Mimi's Garden, Inc. on September 10, 2016 at 3:10 PM

Attracting birds isn't a hard task at all. You will just need to give them a reason to choose your yard by supplying them with the tools they need to make a home.


A good place to start is by providing a Bird Box. Many birds will nest in a tree, but if given the proper shelter how could they refuse? Although it's suggested that you clean out the box after each season, most birds will be able to "clean house" themselves. Our boxes provide easy access screws on the bottom panel for you if you should choose to do this. Also provided is an optional perch. The box comes with the perch in place, but most birds will not need these. In fact, it is suggested that you remove the perch as it will only provide predators the leverage they need to invade the nest. Either way, you may choose to keep it in place by securing it with a dab of glue, or removing it. If removed the hole will provide additional ventilation. There are ventilation slats on the sides, and drainage holes on the bottom in case of water. The boxes are made of untreated wood, and left unpainted. You do not need to paint the box, but if you choose to please use a nontoxic latex for the safety of the birds.


When placing your box please choose a spot that is out of reach of most predators, and out of view to ensure the privacy of the birds. Although watching them is enjoyable, when it comes to nesting, they will prefer privacy so as not to feel threatened. This isanother reason we leave the boxes unfinished... the less attention you draw to them, the more encouraged a bird will be to select this home.


Provide plenty of nesting supplies. You may fill a mesh bag with hair, dryer lint, feathers, undied string, anything you see laying around that may be suitable for nest construction. Place these "supplies" within a short distance of the box. Birds will not be detered by your family dog either. In fact, take Fido out on a nice spring day for a brushing and leave the fur on the ground. This makes excellent nesting material.


You may provide a bird bath for you visitors to frolic in, but a bird feeder is not mandatory. Your garden should provide enough for this growing family. A bird feeder will only attract other birds and predators creating a high traffic area that may turn you potential birds away. It is hard to forego a feeder, though, if you're a lover of birds so we suggest that if you must keep one please keep it well away from your Bird Box.


Apart from these tips, nature should take it's course. If you have a particular bird in mind that you would like to attract you should research what types of plants might be helpful in attracting that species.

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Reply Sarah Smith
12:04 PM on October 14, 2016 
I want to get a birdhouse for my yard. Thanks for the advice about how you should remove the perch on the bird house as it can provide a place for predators to attack. Another thing to consider is to get a birdhouse that is durable and will last for several seasons. http://www.sunshinegifts.net/Mobile/productList/featured-30060-Bi
Reply Rockford
2:05 PM on November 26, 2016 
I learned a lot about birdhouses by reading this article. It was cool to learn that bird houses will provide birds with a safe place to nest. I hope this article can help us to help other birds in the future. http://www.bfwarehouse.net/dept-30060
Reply Annika Larson
4:31 PM on February 28, 2017 
I am looking at buying a few more birdhouses for my backyard. Not only do they add a fun element to the yard, the birds are so fun to have around. I hadn't thought of using dryer lint as nesting material for the birds. I will be sure to keep these tips in mind for the maintenance of our birdhouses! http://www.gigisgiftsofdistinction.com/dept-30060
Reply Alice Jones
1:08 PM on April 19, 2017 
There are tons of trees in my backyard, but sometimes we get heavy wind storms, so they aren't the safest place for nests. I believe having a bird house would be a good idea to make sure my local birds are protected. Thanks for all this information. I'll make sure that my bird box will remain out of reach of predators. http://www.llgiftsnmore.com/default.asp?dept_id=30060
Reply Jade Brunet
3:32 PM on June 28, 2017 
My children love animals, and I think it would be cool to get some birdhouses to attract more birds to our backyard. It is good to know that one should choose a spot that is out of reach of most predators. It would also be good to put it out of view to ensure the privacy of birds. We will keep this in mind when choosing a spot. http://www.kelleystreazures.com/Mobile/index
Reply Kayla
1:38 AM on March 2, 2018 
I didn't know that many birds will nest in a tree, but if given the proper shelter how could they refuse. My mom loves seeing birds in our garden and feeds them. My sister suggested buying a handmade birdhouse feeder and shared this article with her. http://www.incidentaltreasures.com/birdhouses.html

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